Two Moors Governors

Two Moors Primary School is a Foundation School. The Governing Body reconstituted on the 7th of July 2015, and is made up of thirteen governors, in the following categories:
• Three parent governors – nominated and elected by parents
• One Local Authority governor – nominated by the Local Authority and appointed by the governing body
• One staff governor – nominated and elected by the staff
• One Headteacher
• Two foundation governors – appointed by the Tiverton Co-operative Learning Partnership
• Five co-opted governors – appointed by the governing body

The Governing Body is part of the management of the school, and exists to carry out three core strategic functions:
1. To set the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school
2. To hold the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school
3. To oversee the financial performance of the school

The Governing Body delegates some responsibilities to sub-committees. There are three main committees:
1. Resources committee
• To oversee the financial, personnel and premises responsibilities, and report to the Governing Body.
2. Teaching and Learning committee
• To oversee the educational performance of the school, and report to the Governing Body
3. APMC (Action Plan Monitoring Committee)
• To oversee the schools work on the School Improvement Plan

Other committees may be formed if required, for example: Pupil Discipline (for serious discipline issues), Complaints, Staff Discipline, Exclusion etc. These are temporary committees that form to deal with a specific issue.

The minutes of meetings are open to the public (except where some aspects need to be kept confidential), and if you wish to see copies of any minutes, please contact the school.


How to contact the Governing Body

If you have an idea or a suggestion that you would like the Governing Body to consider, please leave a note in the Suggestion Box at the main reception entrance in the Exmoor block. We actively welcome input and contributions from parents and from others in the local community who support the school.

Any issues concerning your child at the school should, in the first instance, be discussed with the Class teacher and, if you are not satisfied, thereafter with your child’s Unit leader, Mr Boraston, Mrs Jaworski or Mrs Buckley, the Headteacher. If you still do not feel the matter has been resolved to your satisfaction, then you can contact the Governing Body by sending a letter to the Clerk, c/o the school or, alternatively, you can phone the Chair of Governors, Paul Hunt or write to him c/o the school.


Financial Information

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