Parent Questionnaire

We are always keen to have feedback on things that are going well or concerns you may have. There is a suggestion box in the main entrance and a formal questionnaire each April.

Parent Questionnaire 2017

Thank you for the 75 responses to the 2017 questionnaire. It is always helpful to receive feedback about the things you like or for which you have concerns.

Over 96% of parents think that:
Children are happy at Two Moors.
There is a happy atmosphere at Two Moors.
Parents feel welcome at Two Moors
Children feel safe at Two Moors.
Two Moors is well resourced.
Children are making good progress at Two Moors.
Parents receive valuable information about their children’s progress
Children are well taught at Two Moors
Homework is appropriate at Two Moors.
There are high expectation of children.
Visits and visitors are worthwhile experiences.
Two Moors ensured pupils are well behaved.
Two Moors deal with bullying effectively
Values and attitudes promoted at Two Moors have a positive effect on children. Children enjoy playtime.
A healthy lifestyle is promoted at Two Moors.
Children are well looked after at Two Moors.
Children know who to go to if they feel unhappy.
Teachers are approachable.
Concerns are addressed at Two Moors.
Two Moors is well managed.
Parents would recommend Two Moors to another parent.
The newsletter provides valuable information about Two Moors.
The website gives clear information about Two Moors.

Over 93% of parents think that:
There is a good range of clubs.
The reward system recognizes good behaviour and work.
Only 72% of respondents wish to receive the Newsletter online or have the survey online.
You told us that you would like workshops
We are going to hold maths and grammar workshops next term.

You told us that you would like to visit your child’s class more often.
We have a plan for you to do that next term.

You told us you liked activity weeks
We intend to do more of these from next term.


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