Our Staff

Staff are always approachable and are here to ensure your children are looked after and learning at school. There are photos in the main entrance foyer if you need help to know who is who.

Senior Leadership Team

The leadership team are:

Mrs Buckley Headteacher, Mrs Jaworski Deputy Headteacher, Mr Boraston Assistant Headteacher.

Unit Leaders are Upper Exe Mrs Thompson, Lower Exe Mr Viney,  KS1 Mrs Johnson, EYFS Mrs Rhodes, Senco Mr Boraston and Mr  Watson – literacy co-ordinator.

Our Family Support worker is Mrs Strong and our school counsellor is Mrs Gunn.


Our Nursery teachers are Miss Woodhams & Mrs Potter. They have help from Mrs Tooze.


In R1 the teachers are Mrs Rhodes. In R2 the teachers are Mrs Gilbert. They have help from Mrs Donald and Mrs Perret.

Year 1

In D1 the teacher is Mrs Johnson.  In D2 the teachers are Ms Sudbury and Mrs Connor.  They have help from Miss Butler, Mrs Hogan and Mrs Moore.

Year 2

In D3 the teacher is Miss Henderson and in D4 the teacher is Miss Hyland. They have help from Mrs Hartry, Mrs Chidgey Mrs Williams and Mrs Cunningham.

Year 3

E1 is taught by Mrs Etherington and E2 by Mr Watson. They have help from Mrs Clapp, Mrs Pengelly and Mr Minkowski.

Year 4

In E3 the teacher is Miss Davison and in E4 the teacher is Mr Harvey. They have help from Mrs Jennings, Mrs Butt.

Year 5

In E5 the teacher is Mrs Ingledew and in E6 the teacher is Miss Easterbrook. They have help from, Miss Porter and Miss Hayball.

Year 6

In E7 the teacher is Mr Viney and in E8 Mrs Thompson. They have help from Mrs Sullivan and Mrs Cottrell.



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